Alidropship Plugin Review & Alidropship Custom Store Review 25% OFF Coupon 2018

Hello entrepreneurs and future or current E-com store owners we are going to give you the most detailed insights inside Alidropship Plugin for WordPress and woo commerce it’s review and also Alidropship custom store review.

I personally own 3 successful stores and had no knowledge of coding and website building so I have been through this tedious process of finding and testing the various store building platforms like Alidropship plus WordPress, Alidropship plus Woocommerce, Woocommerce, Big Commerce, Shopify, OpenCart, Magento, Oberlo.

I would suggest the easiest and efficient route to get your store online with less investment and efforts.

If you know the basics about drop shipping E-com store You can directly skip to Review of Alidropsip Plugin Click HERE

E-commerce is the sector attracting huge number of entrepreneurs and also has considerable potential of exponential growth. Lots of individual Internet marketers are running very successful websites selling many traditional, untraditional, innovative, handmade, problem solving, trending items.

The key is to reach to the targeted audience and for this you will need to learn this expertise which is a long-term process but, with this you will also need to have a Great customized store with great user interface and easy to navigate for users. Drop shipping is the future trend and everybody in the Internet Marketing world is trying this out.


Simply Click on the heading you want to read about:

  • The E-commerce store needs to be very sharply designed thus, your customers are viewing exactly what they are most probably going to buy.
  • Also, the navigation inside your store must be very easy and fast. Users need to understand the flow of store as whether are they going from categories to sub categories and to the desired product or not.
  • If you are short on coding and want to use easy content delivering platforms then WordPress stores are the best option for you to achieve all this with less or zero knowledge of coding.
  • Easy payment setup and gateways to allow users to checkout fast and without errors.
  • Easily visible discount coupons and offers for customers.
  • Combo or Upsell offers

There are many options available in market for store development but most easy and highly recommended is Alidropsip plugin for WordPress. With Alidropship plugin we get all these features and much more customizations and overall control over the store.

Drop shipping is a business model where you do not actually import, pack, and ship your products but simply connects the manufacturer or seller to the customers via your store without buyer knowing it and get your share for this. You find the customers for products you have choose and get the orders and send them to drop shippers they take care of packaging, shipping, delivery, fulfillments etc.

There is no need of warehouse and employees you just need your computer and innovative thinking.

Majority of drop shippers can be found at AliExpress which is marketplace of manufacturers and resellers who fulfill the orders.

You can simply copy products from AliExpress to your niche store and advertise for them or bring the customers by other ways. If it does not work out simply create new store and start fresh.

The only things you will need is your time, a domain (godaddy), webhosting(siteground), Alidropshipping plugin, and innovative thinking.

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WordPress is the easiest and highly customizable platform for E-com stores. The WordPress also has very high combability when it comes to Search engine optimizations.

I used to manually search on AliExpress and add products in my store and all the hustle to import a single product in store was so depressing and annoying that I used to get discouraged and used to think:

  • Am I in drop shipping for this copy paste work?
  • When would I get time to optimize my store, ads, ad copy and fine tune my targeted audience If I get trapped in this?
  • Is this really what I want to do?
  • Am I doing anything productive here?
  • Can this be automated or should I hire someone to do all this import and publish work for me?

Finally, one day I found the savior which was Alidropship Plugin for WordPress.

The Alidropship Plugin is a premium WordPress plugin which is a specially and specifically designed to meet all the requirements for drop shipping from AliExpress.


The plugin minimizes major lengthy work of importing and publishing products, product details, product images, reviews, product variations, colors, prices, and sizes. All the drop shippers with little or no knowledge of coding and trying to earn extra passive income who are short on time can use this plugin.

The plugin is so easy to use and has lot of functions to make your life easy. The plugin has 2 variations

  • Aldropshipp plugin for WordPress
  • Alidropship plugin for woo commerce

These are two different versions of plugin the first one is directly ready to install on WordPress site and done. For the second version you will also need woo commerce plugin installed on your site and then this plugin goes hand in hand with it.

I would suggest to go with the first option for beginners as it is like plug and play you wont need any special skills to edit and customize your store with this option

Where as if you are familiar with woo commerce and want to go deep in customizations you can choose the later option.

Also, if you don’t want to customize the store yourself the developers are offering Custom store for your needs in very low rates with quality support and life time membership. Click here to know more about this.


  1. Purchase and Download plugin
  2. Uploads and install it on your WordPress hosting
  3. Put up the license key and activate plugin
  4. Done you are ready to use the plugin
  5. Navigate to dashboard for further actions like selecting theme etc.


  • It allows you to directly import products form AliExpress to your store
  • It imports product details such as images, versions, description, sizes, colors, inventory.
  • It also imports the customers reviews from AliExpress which is very important feature.
  • It allows you to edit product descriptions and images and also reviews.
  • It allows you to keep the product specification synchronized with AliExpress seller’s store and automatically updates the data such as products arability, inventory, etc.
  • It allows you to directly place orders with data provided by your customers without you manually filling the details.
  • It also has custom store specially built for you feature which cost extra bucks but worth try
  • The support is awesome and queries are solved within a day’s time usually.
  • It supports unlimited product selection from AliExpress there is no limit on selecting and publishing products on your store.
  • The plugin has life time support and free updates
  • Easy payment gateway setup
  • Supports many payment gateways
  • It allows you to integrate Google Analytics with your store so you can track user activities and optimize accordingly.
  • It has Count Down timer addon

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Once you purchase the Alidropship plugin you will be provided with two versions on the same license of which you can use any one. The two versions are

  • Alidropship and
  • Alidropship Woo

Both versions are great and you can use them as per your personal requirements I am more inclined towards Alidropship Woo version as it gives me more control on customization and User interface.

Alidropship custom store is paid service provided by Alidropship developers. The specially designed custom store as per your requirments will be built for you in this service.

The very important aspect here is the developers will customize your store as you need it so it will be a unique store and will have a unique personal touch of you.

You don’t need any coding knowledge for this it will be like you are hiring some-one to develop your store.

There are total 3 packages of Alidropship custom store you can choose from:

alidropship customs tore plans 3

We have tested the Basic and Advance package and we will suggest you to go with the basic package as it is more than enough. You can buy the basic plan with discounted price here.
Also the Ultimate plan of alidrosphip custom store service is really good but quite expensive. This plan is for the noobs who dont know really anything about websites, eCommerce, plugins, wordpress, etc. The first basic plan is really good for the one who knows basics of website handling.

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FeaturesAlidropship RegularAlidropship Woo commerce
SEO Optimizations

The above comparison shows the Alidropship woo plugin do not have many features present in normal version but you can use them with third party addons and plugins of woo commerce and WordPress plugin place.

If you know and are familiar with the woo commerce then you can use the plugin easily but if not then please use the normal version of this plugin which has all the functionality required for the E-com store.

The developers are adding quality updates on regular basis for both the versions.

After you install and activate your plugin you will need to navigate to Dashboard of this plugin as shown in the image.

Alidropship vs Oberlo

Alidropship vs Oberlo

The Oberlo plugin is designed for Shopify Stores only thus you need to have your store on Shopify to use this. Personally I have used the Shopify and Oberlo combination and it lags in many ways against Alidropship plugin.

The very important feature we get in Alidropship is we can import & publish reviews from AliExpress and can edit them in between. Oberlo does the basic functionality of importing products and details but paying Shopify every month is costly option where as here you get lie time license and support.

Overall this plugin out ranks the Shopify plus Oberlo combination in quality and cost aspects.

Alidropship vs Shopify:

Alidropship vs shopify

Alidropship work with WordPress which is open source platform and highly customizable whereas on shopify you have less control over your store.

The shopify has its polices and can anytime terminate your store but with Alidropship you have all the control over your store

Shopify has monthly membership where as Alidropship is buy once use life time plan and has support too

Shopify has limited payment gateway integration here you can use all payment gateways compatible with WordPress which is actually huge in numbers.

Alidropship plugin gives you the full authority of your website backup and you can control it whereas, Shopify has your backups and do not allow you to download it unless you have bought the highest paid pro monthly package.


Alidropship Plugin is way better when we compared it with Woodropship in following aspects:

The Woodropship is only available to use with Woocommerce where as you can use the Alidropship as stand alone and also with woo-commerce integration.

The Alidropship Plugin is available for purchase with life time license where as the Woodropship is a monthly subscription service.

The Woodropship has positives like it is a well known brand’s product and the integration with woo-commerce is smooth.

The cost of woodropship is way more than alidropship plugin.

Overall I personally think the Alidropship is way better choice for newbies or beginners and also has user friendly interface.

There 5 paid addons for Alidropship plugin which are also provided by the same developers and works excellent in combination.

  1. Google Merchant

The Latest add on available for Alidropship customers is Google Merchant which enables unlimited possibilities to Google AdWords users. With google shopping ads you can maximise your reach to potential users

  1. Facebook Business (Cost $27)

This add on is designed to show very related products to your Facebook audience. The products in Facebook product CatLog are synchronized with this addon and thus customers are shown the related products they viewed on your store on their Facebook walls.

This gives really great upsell potential and can optimize your Facebook ads for lower budget and higher conversion.

  1. Social Rabbit:

This add on is for social media platform optimization. This plugin can auto run your websites products on famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The plugins work on autopilot so you don’t need to publish every time.

  1. Count down timer Offers (Cost $19):

Count down timer is very essential add on in E-com websites this shows the limited time discount offers on product page which strikes the buy now intentions of buyer and thus increases the sell. You can customize count down timer offers as per your needs and personally I think this is very essential add on. I have seen around 40% increase in actual sell on one my store after first time use of this add on.

  1. Recent Sales Pop-up:

The recent sale pop-up is very helpful to gain trust on your store and thus buyer conversion can be increased. This add on basically shows few dummy purchase pop-ups buy some random buyers to current visitor and thus encourages visitor to buy immediately.

You can avail the special discount coupon for our readers which gives you 25% off on purchase of Alidropship plugin.

  • You can target any niche
  • Ready to plug and play kind of plugin
  • Everything is automated
  • 1000 % newbie friendly
  • Very low cost compared to other platforms
  • One time payment for life time membership
  • The plugin needs to upload manually on WordPress hosting which is bit hard for new users but simple video tutorial can sort this out.
  • Plugin has 3 themes currently so you are limited on this front whereas Alidropship woo version can be used with any woo commerce themes.

The Alidropship is a time saver and best in class plugin for AliExpress drop shippers. The plugin gives you benefits of avoiding the lengthy work and enjoy the glimpse of working on quality tasks like product research, product ads and optimizations.

If you are a newbie please use the regular version of AliExpress plugin which also all the required features.

If you know basics and want to integrate it with woo commerce then go for the AliExpress woo version

Both these versions are provided in the same cost its up to you to choose one best suitable to you. Also, very good quality add-ons are available on low cost to tweak the store and surely it will increase your sell.